The Power of Words

While reading James 3:1-12 truth was hitting me...hard. The verses that have rooted deep are James 3:9-12. It reads, “With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth comes praise and cursing.”

How often have I used my words to spread hate instead of love? How often have I taken my stress or anger out on others? As if God wasn’t in everyone around me. How often have you done this? We all have the mindset that it’s okay to sin because after all we will be forgiven. Or we tell ourselves that there are people out there doing far worse sins. That talking down to people or gossiping isn’t really a sin. However, these are just lies we tell ourselves. We have all gone through battles. We have all been the victim of hurtful words, yet even knowing the pain it can inflict and the everlasting effect it can cause, we continue to do it ourselves. Why? Because it’s easy. We live in a society where perfection is expected, yet unreachable. This makes it easy to tear others down or put judgment on them to make ourselves feel that, hey even if we aren’t perfect, at least we are doing “better” than this person. But that’s not a life following Jesus. 

As a Chaos leader, I’ve seen firsthand how lots of young kids are affected by harsh words and foul judgment. I mean we all remember those junior high days, no matter how much we may want to forget. I recently had a conversation with a young girl who was struggling with feeling unloved. She told me that Chaos and church are the only places she feels truly loved and important. She continued to explain that some of her friends would be different outside of church. And it got me thinking. It’s so easy to show kindness and love inside the four walls of the church, but when we leave those walls that changes. Sunday ends and we go back to our busy lives. During this time it can be difficult to not let the anger, lack of sleep, sadness, or frustration out on others.  

These verses reminded me that as humans we make mistakes and we say hurtful things, even when we don’t mean to. But these verses also reminded me that it’s our job to try to be the best Christians we can. To love a little more each day.  

Lauren Vanderlind 
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 Lauren V


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