Finding Light in the Trials

One big thing that has stuck out to me this semester is God does not give us our trials but uses them. I am a student athlete at UNI but have not competed much due to back to back injuries the last 3 years. I repeatedly was frustrated and upset as to why God would keep taking away something I love to do. 

It took some time for me to really realize He was not doing this to me but the one going through it with me. I was constantly looking for Him and was not seeing Him. Until it really hit me, He has been here the whole time. Last winter break and spring semester, I began to notice the people around me and how they have all really impacted me. I began to see Him in all the little things instead of waiting for some big ‘sign’. He shined through my friends who always made sure I was okay. He shined through the athletic trainers and my teammates that were there for every step. Then, He for sure shined through the BASIC community that was filled with loving and caring people. He shined and continues to shine His light through so many people that helped me get through each set back.

The best moment was when I began to see how God was using these trials. When my teammates go through injury, I had a good idea what they are going through. Even this season I had a close friend who was going through a very similar back injury that I dealt with last spring. She was upset and I was able to be someone that she was able to talk to and understand all her frustrations. I am able to empathize with my teammates and in many cases go through it with them. I continue to meet some of my greatest friends through the training room and rehab and I certainly have God to thank for that. 

My plan was never to miss 3 years of running but it happened and I wouldn't change a thing. I may not have noticed right away but God helped me through it all and continues to help me through it. He constantly reminds me through the great memories and relationships that continue to come out of each trial. We can not avoid these bad things from happening but it is important to know we are never alone. My hope for you is to be able to trust in Him when you go through trials in life and see how He may use this situation.

Haylee Luna
UNI Senior
One of six kids in my family, Dog lover, Avid runner



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