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Running Together

Of the many struggles we encounter daily, I would argue that comparison is one of the worst, and an easy way to encounter comparison early on is through sports. I ran track all through middle school and high school. I knew throughout the whole time that I wasn’t the best and I wasn’t planning on being so either. I was mostly in it to stay in shape and spend time with my friends. I was put in shorter distance races because I couldn’t do much more (haha) but something I remember distinctly is how we would all takeoff at the same time, but everyone would be in completely different places about halfway through. By that time, you easily could predict who was gonna take that first place spot. It’d be at this point that I would just start breathing harder and mentally give up, thus slowing down. It’s so easy to compare yourself when there are such distinct placements. 

I often find myself in this same comparison mindset when it comes to life in a few aspects. It can be so easy for me to look at people who are similar to me and then try and decipher who is the “better me” even though we are totally unique (enneagram sevens raise your hands woot). All through high school, my mantra was always “live your best life!!” and I easily became intimidated or jealous when I thought someone was living MY best life (my goals/character strivings) better than I was. When I have the same passions as someone else, I look at their skills and wonder why I am even trying to “compete.” Sometimes it is even to the extreme of “who loves Jesus more.” 

There is a story in the Bible that comes right after the Last Supper in which Jesus has just finished telling them that one would betray him (becoming the “worst” among them) and they immediately start arguing over who would do this. Very soon after, they start arguing over who will be “the greatest” among them (Luke 22:24). It is so easy for me to do the same thing. I look at all the good people in my life who are obedient to God, and then wonder “is God as pleased with me as He is with that person? Who does He love more?”

Something I wrote down in my notes just a few days ago was “I think I am jealous of Jesus because He is the only one who loves us more than anybody else has, does, or ever could.” Meaning, I want to be the one that loves and is loved most. This can become unhealthy as soon as it becomes a competition. We are given these strong influences as people to RUN ALONGSIDE US not AGAINST US. It is so important to overlook comparisons, but even more so when it concerns those that are on the same mission as us. We are to unite and run together, encouraging each other, and focusing on the biggest goal: inviting ALL people to run alongside us in pursuit of living with and living for the Creator of our souls. And in the end, He will say to each of His faithful lovers, “well done good and faithful servant.” !!!

Sarah Frantsen 
UNI Freshman
Enthusiastic person, Napping queen, Ocean lover

Sarah F


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  • FOUNDATIONS // 8:00pm Lang Hall // Come join us this Thursday as Kevin Jones continues our FOUNDATION series. We will be exploring the questions about the foundational parts of the Christian faith this week with the question: "What is Church?" Bring a friend! #AllAreWelcome 
  • College - Aged Lunch // Join us Sunday, February 23rd after the 10:45 service at Orchard Hill Church for all of your favorite southern comfort foods!!  Bring a friend and your appetite! #BLESS #Eat 
  • IF Gathering // What if women of all ages gathered together to share their stories and talk about Jesus? Come join us March 7th from 9am - 4pm at Nazareth Lutheran Church for a weekend of listening to speakers, eating, sharing, and being honest. For more information, click the graphic below, or check out the IF Gathering’s facebook page for the Cedar Valley!
  • Events Team // Want be part of the team that plans and prepares for all of BASIC's super fun events like? Click the graphic below to join the Events Team or contact Sarah Frantsen at for more information about how you can BLESS others through BASIC 's events! #BASICEvents #BLESS
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  • Life Groups // Looking to get more involved with a faith community? Joining a Life Group is a wonderful way to meet new people and share God’s love! You sign up for a Life Group in Cedar Falls or Waverly (both on and off campus)! Sign ups start Thursday! #LifeGroupLove #Community
  • Sunday Morning Worship // Join us on Sundays for church at Orchard Hill, Nazareth Lutheran Church, or Orchard Hill’s campus in Waverly! See the graphic below for service times and worship locations! #SundayWorship

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