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The Power of Releasing Your Life to God

Two years ago I was in a Bible study with some other college friends. Instead of doing New

Year’s resolutions, we decided to pick one word that we wanted to focus on. We were asked to

pray about it and report back to the group when we felt drawn to a certain word. My word was

release. My whole high school career I felt in control. I had an awesome group of friends and

excelled in academics and athletics. When I got to college, I struggled immensely with my

emotions. Places such as the dining center, volleyball court, and classroom began to trigger

anxiety attacks. I became situated on the perceptions others had on me. I decided to seek help

and eventually went on medication to help regulate some of my thoughts and emotions. I hated

not feeling in control. The word “release” seemed fitting for the goals that I had for myself

mentally and spiritually that year.


Just like any habit, my mindset on situations, people, and things was not going to change

overnight. I took it step by step in my walk of releasing my grip on the ladder of life. I needed to

take a step down from my ladder and let God take control. (Thanks to the amazing Alice Shirey

for this advice). It was terrifying, frustrating, and incredibly hard. I am still working on releasing

my control to this day. When I feel my thoughts and anxiety rushing in, I remind myself of my

favorite verse. Isaiah 41:10 “Do not be afraid for I am with you, Do not be discouraged for I am

your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.”

This verse literally rides with me wherever I go. It is taped to the right of my steering wheel in my

car. I find myself leaning on this verse and viewing these words as the ultimate picture of God.

My helper, my rock, and my shield when life seems too hard to handle. I have found that

regardless of the situation, this verse can make you feel as ease knowing that something

greater is working in your life.


Fast forward a year to July 12th, 2019. I was sitting in the hospital with my family. My grandpa

was battling a long, hard journey with cancer and we were told that he was starting his journey

towards walking with God. Everyone gathered around him and we started to play some of his

favorite songs. His breathing started to labor less and less. My grandma was sitting on the bed

next to him and leaned down to give him a kiss. She whispered in his ear, “Bill, it’s time to go be

with God.” She leaned back from kissing him on the forehead and his breathing had stopped.

My grandpa was trying so hard to fight and hold on to be with us longer. He needed someone to

tell him to release his control to God. One of my favorite people was also battling with control of

his life. His ability to let go and trust God in that moment when he wanted to stay with his family

was truly inspiring for everyone in the room. A powerful moment that all of us will remember.

Let God free you from all of the stress, anxiety, worry, scheming, and fretting. Trust God and

how much He cares for you!

God Bless!


Abby Staebell
Wartburg College Senior 
Will never been seen without a piece of EXTRA Gum in my mouth, Loves a good belly laugh, 
Passionate about loving and teaching little minds


Abby S


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