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Something Good

A few days ago while being quarantined in my apartment, I decided to watch the movie, Soul Surfer. It’s about a teenage girl who loses one of her arms to a shark attack and the challenges that life brings her while transitioning into a new normal. A conversation that got my attention was when Bethany was talking to her youth pastor of her true thoughts and feelings of this new reality. At first, Bethany pretended that she was doing okay and that she had things figured out. However, her youth pastor saw right through her and told her to share what was really on her heart. Bethany was lost in a world of frustration with God asking her youth pastor how could this be God’s plan for her. The youth pastor empathized with the teenage girl’s pain as she admitted that she didn’t know why terrible things happen to us. Yet, towards the end of the heart to heart, the youth pastor gave Bethany some hope by saying how she believed something good was going to come out of all this agony that was happening in her world.

Similar to Bethany, how can we not question God’s plan for us as we face a world full of anxiety, doubt, and fear right now? At this moment in time, we should be preparing our hearts for the death of Jesus and the overwhelming, yet joyful, celebration that follows soon after. However, how can we get our hearts and minds ready for the next few days to come when we are facing a world full of terror and unknown? I know I have personally been struggling physically and especially mentally with this isolation making it impossible for me to even focus on the real reason of this Lenten season; the reason behind why an innocent man was nailed to a cross to die. Just like many of you, I can’t help but be frustrated with God leading me to find it challenging to believe in the compassionate, loving, and gracious God that we all know and love, the one I normally pour my heart out to days leading up to Easter. Why God? Why is this your plan for your creation?!

We might not be seeing it or even feeling it, but He is clearly speaking to us right now in this very moment of isolation, anxiety, and even depression. “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.” ~ John 13:7

We don’t know the reason behind the actions that are taking place right now. We aren’t even close to comprehending what God is doing in the midst of this broken, lost, and confused world. All we know is that we are giving this virus more control and power than it even deserves. However, it’s your choice to believe who is in control; this virus or Our Lord who will set you free! Just like his disciples the night of the Last Supper, Jesus wants to wash the dirt away from our feet and our souls. He wants to wipe clean the agony that lies within our hearts. The doubts, the fears, the anxieties, the depression, whatever this virus is causing you to think and feel. Let go and Let God! That cross could not be at a more perfect time for this world! 

The cross gave mankind tremendous amounts of suffering and pain that is hard to even wrap our minds around. It literally took His breath away and led to sorrow, tears, and more wounds that they could count. However, the cross led to the greatest gift that God could ever give us. Hmmm. Doesn’t the cross remind us of what this virus is doing to our world right now?! This pandemic is giving us those exact scars and splinters that the cross gave Jesus. Yet, God had reasons behind Jesus’ suffering to create something even better. “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” ~ Romans 8:18

As we head into the final days of this Lent season while not having the access to be with those that we love, remember, we are only seeing the tip of this iceberg while God has the entire view and control of this massive thing in the water. So, instead of asking “How can this disease be God’s plan for us, for the world?” ask “What is God trying to teach or give us during this patch of unknown?”

Ellie Pereboom
UNI Senior
Appeared in a TV commercial with my sisters when I was younger, Traveled to 36 of the 50 states, Favorite workout/time to pray is when I’m swimming laps.

Ellie P


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